What is a Hot Air Oven / Aging chamber

The Hot Air Oven is designed for a variety of tests in which the temperature of the sample environment must be kept within specific limitations.

Our philosophy of ongoing collaboration with top academics guarantees that we remain the leading provider of high-quality Hot Air Ovens and related equipment. Our Hot Air Ovens were created with safety, dependability, ease of use, and ergonomics in mind.

Main Features:

The size of the test room ranges from 50 to 20000 litres. RT +5° C to +300° C is the temperature range. +/-0.5° C temperature deviation 0.1° C temperature resolution +/- 1° C to 2° C temperature gradient 1° C to 10° C increase/decrease in average temperature.

Construction :

Interior construction is built of airtight stainless steel 304 grade with adjustable/removable shelves. For a nice look, the outside exterior structure is constructed of CRCA/GI/ stainless steel with electrostatic powder ultra fine coating finishing.

Mineral fibre insulation is ecologically benign and devoid of asbestos and CFCs, ensuring the greatest possible insulation values and therefore lowering running costs.

Door hinges are installed on the right side of the room, with a single front-opening door. The door and chamber body are both double coated with ‘A’ quality silicone gaskets, which tighten the door for improved performance with the multi pan glass viewing window. Defogger heaters with an auto cut-off feature, as well as adequate lighting to see the specimen under test



Air circulation within the chamber with sufficient fan motor and impeller capacity for consistent temperature distribution and regulated frequency type to keep within specified limits. With the drive motor from outside the chamber, just the impeller will be exposed in the conditioning plenum. For easy chamber maintenance, the condition plenum is covered with a removable type sheet. The noise level is at 70 decibels.

To reach the required temperature, quick reacting jacket type air heaters are utilised in the heating system. Variations in test findings over numerous specimens are minimised by a temperature distribution that is highly consistent. The air heaters are positioned such that no direct heat radiation from the heaters reaches the test specimen.



Programmable controller with a big display panel. The instrumentation package has a lot of flexibility. User-friendly operation with TFT LCD touch screen and key input, graphical display of programme patterns, and testing history trend grapes are among the other features. For cyclic operation, a number of programmes and profile segments with ramp and soak time are given.

Using high-speed RS 232/485 communications interfaces, networking, and USB communications for rapid downloads, the controller can connect with a wide range of gear. System for restoring power in the event of a power outage.

The temperature is being measured by the PT100 sensor.

Safety Features:

The Hot Air Oven has an emergency stop switch. Alarm for heater failure with sensor failure notification and display. High operator safety and reliability. In the event of a failure, the chamber and specimen are easily protected. As an operator safety feature, chambers come to a halt if the door is opening. Signal tower with a European design.

Overcurrent protection in the control circuit. This is a thermal fuse. Adequate safety cut-out against hot and low temperatures that may be adjusted. Limit switch for the chamber door. In the event of a malfunction, each electrical functional circuit has its own safety feature that shuts down the afflicted functional circuit or the whole test chamber.


Cable Port holes on the left or right side of the test chamber are used to enter measurement and control cables, other supply connections, or extra equipment with rubber plugs. A power source 3 phase/N/PE 50 Hz, 415 V AC +/- 10% 1 phase, 230 V AC +/-10%


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