Walk in Psychrometric Test Chamber

The Psychrometric Test Chamber’s primary purpose is to evaluate the performance of Railway air conditions / Domestic / Central air conditioners.

And heat pumps with cooling capacity in range of 6,000 to 90,000 Btu/h (0.5 to 7.5 rated tons), and with heating capacity in range of 6,000 to 60,000 (0.5 to 5 ton rated). It consists of side-by-side indoor and outdoor chambers with temperature, humidity and air flow controlled independently.

Isotech Technology Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, Psychrometric Test chambers are able to control parameters such as Indoor Room Dry Bulb Temperature, Indoor Room Dew Point, Outdoor Room Dry Bulb Temperature, Outdoor Room Dew Point Temperature, Indoor Room Unit Under Test (UUT) Airflow, Outdoor Room UUT Airflow and UUT Voltage.

Walk in Psychrometric Test Chamber

Get the most accurate measurement of a/c system performance with our dual room, indoor-and-outdoor approach, and air enthalpy methodology. Code testers, that include provide precise determination of the test unit air flows and outlet air conditions.

The Test Chamber is designed to maintain a single set of operating conditions and is able to maintain conditions within the following dry bulb and web bulb temperature ranges.

Isotech Technology control software allows the user to perform all of the standard tests and allows the user to perform SEER and HSPF calculations off-line.

Walk in Psychrometric Test Chamber

Standard and Regulation:

  • ASHRAE 37-2009 Methods of Testing and Rating Unitary Air Conditioning
  • ASHRAE 41.1-2013 Method for Temperature Measurement
  • ASHRAE 51–2016 Laboratory Methods for testing Fans for Rating
  • IEEE 11–2000 Rotating Electrical Machinery for Rail and Road Vehicles.
  • IS 8148-2003 Packaged Air-conditioner

Testing Items:

  • Rated cooling capacity
  • Rated Heating Capacity
  • Airflow
  • Temperature
  • Input Power to the UTT
  • EER (COP)

Ambient Condition Control Precision:

All the indoor and outdoor dry bulb and wet bulb temperatures:

  • Precision: ± 0.5 °C
  • Uncertainty: ±0.5 °C

Measurement points data acquisition precision:

  • Indoor/Outdoor side unit-under-test air outlet dry bulb temperature: Uncertainty: ±0.1°C (within 5~60°C)
  • Indoor/outdoor side unit-under-test air outlet wet bulb temperature: Uncertainty: ±0.1°C (within 5~60°C)
  • Electrical data of the sampler (voltage, ampere, wattage): Uncertainty: ±0.5%
  • Ambient atmospheric pressure: Uncertainty: ±0.5% (80~110Kpa)
  • Refrigerant pressure: Uncertainty: ±0.5% (80~110kPa)
  • Refrigerant pressure drops: Uncertainty: ±0.25% (0~400kPa)
  • Thermocouple temperature: Uncertainty: 0.5°C (﹣50~ 150 °C)

Testing Method:

Cooling/heating capacity is measured on in indoor air enthalpy method by measuring the air inlet and outlet W.B. enthalpy difference and the circulation air flow through the indoor unit of the Air-con. Air flow measurement apparatuses are complying with ASHRAE 51 standards. Ambient conditions are achieved in both indoor and outdoor sides to meet different requirements of the tests.

If your air conditioning system application needs to be tested, Isotech Technology can provide build the facility to do so. Whether you need energy audit verification, product development, DOE compliance testing, or R&D, we can build the machine to test your needs, while also meeting industry standards.

Test Speciations:

Speciation: 1

  • Cooling Capacity: Upto 40kW
  • Condenser Heat Rejection: 80kW
  • Evaporator Airflow: Upto 10000CMH (Indoor side)
  • Condenser Airflow: Upto 15000CMH (outdoor side)
  • Indoor Temperature Range: 15-40 °C DB
  • Outdoor Temperature Range: 30-60°C DB
  • Humidity: 30-90% (applicable for each room)

Speciation: 2

  • Outdoor Temperature Range: 2°C during all weather conditions (no AC running at that time) for heater testing. Heat Pump Application
  • Applications and Test Types: Capacity ranges: 0.5 to 20 tons.
Walk in Psychrometric Test Chamber