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Isotech manufacturing & exporting company for Environmental test chambers, Scientific Instruments with specialization in all the Sectors with all the necessary Standards having accuracy just equivalent to Imported Calibration Instruments, resulting in import substitute for Indian users.

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Innovative committed to technology & service Innovation.

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The company ensures maximum satisfaction both in Quality and Product up-gradation of the Highest Standards.

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Isotech Technology Pvt Ltd. Bangalore, India. Environmental simulation industry to provide a comprehensive various range of products and services to the environmental test industry for various applications.


Aerospace Industry

Weather space shuttles, airplanes or helicopters & also Aerospace vessels are subjected to extreme situations. These range from extreme Changes in temperature up to vacuum states in outer space.

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Automotive Testing

The automotive industry is one of the most innovative industries today. The very highest standards are set in the manufacture and quality assurance of automobiles and automobile components.

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Agriculture/Science Industry

Biological research highly relies on controlled climatic conditions and the exact simulation of environmental conditions in many disciplines.

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Defence Testing

The Defence industry is one of the most innovative industries today. The very highest standards are set in the manufacture & quality assurance of automobiles & automobile components.

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Industry to provide a comprehensive various range of products and services to the environmental test industry.


Rapid-rate temperature test chambers are meant to test the durability of your product for long-term storage or operation in these environments. Temperature cycling between high and low temperatures will create accelerated thermal fatigue of solder joints, seals, and connections in your product.

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We provide Environmental Test Chambers, Humidity Test Chambers, Climatic Test Chambers, Hot & Cold Test Chambers, Salt Corrosion Test Chambers, Walk-In Environmental Chambers, Growth Chambers.

To contribute test technology development and environmental friendliness. To be a reliable and valuable partner of Customers.

Innovative Technology

Innovative Technology

Innovative Committed to Technology & Service Innovation.

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Promising to offer our employees career opportunities for future.

Up-to-Date Market

Up-to-Date Market

Responsive to respond to changing market requirements.

Secure & Quality

Secure & Quality

Reliable to provide secure & qulity test solution.


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Industry to provide a comprehensive various range of products and services to the environmental test industry.


Frequently Asked Questions!

Ans: ISOTECH is a leading manufacturer specializing in environmental chambers for various industries. We offer a wide range of products, including environmental chambers, walk-in environmental chambers, burn-in chambers, thermal shock chambers, and climatic chambers.

Ans: ISOTECH is renowned as one of the best environmental chamber manufacturers. We provide top-quality, reliable, and precise chambers for environmental testing, ensuring your products meet the required standards.

Ans: Our chambers are used for environmental testing across industries, including electronics, aerospace, automotive, and pharmaceuticals. They simulate conditions like temperature, humidity, and thermal shock to evaluate product performance.

Ans: Yes, ISOTECH offers customized solutions to meet your specific testing requirements. We can tailor chamber dimensions, temperature ranges, and other features to suit your needs.

Ans: Walk-in chambers are larger and designed for testing larger or bulkier items, such as automobiles or aerospace components. Standard chambers are more compact and versatile for various testing purposes.

Ans: Contact our expert team at ISOTECH, and they will guide you in selecting the most suitable chamber based on your testing parameters and industry requirements.

Ans: Yes, we offer thermal shock chambers to subject your products to extreme temperature changes, helping to identify weaknesses and enhance product durability.

Ans: ISOTECH chambers are designed and manufactured to meet international quality and safety standards, ensuring accurate and consistent testing results.

Ans: We offer comprehensive customer support, including installation, calibration, maintenance, and repairs for our chambers. Our service team is dedicated to keeping your equipment in optimal condition.

Ans: You can reach out to us through our website, email, or phone. Our responsive team is always ready to assist you with your environmental testing needs.
Choose ISOTECH for the best environmental chambers, expert environmental testing solutions, and exceptional customer support. We’re here to help you achieve the highest standards of product quality and reliability.