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Complete Solution for Environmental Stimulation.

Isotech Technology Pvt Ltd

It is a handful of independent companies in Bangalore, India.

Currently we provide Environmental test chambers. Humidity Test Chamber, Climatic Test Chamber, Hot & Cold Test Chamber, Salt Corrosion Test Chamber, Walk In Environmental chamber,Growth Chamber.

The compact nature of our company enables us to maintain a high degree of flexibility in our manufacturing processes. Our standard range of test chambers includes bench top and floor standing models, across temperatures ranging between -75℃  and +180℃  -75℃  to +200℃  for specific applications / models), and humidities between 10% and 97% RH.

Illumination system. Carbon dioxide additive control Consisting system. UV lights system in special Phytroton Growth chamber.

In addition to our standard machines we design and built a number of chambers for environmental testing:

  • BOD Incubator.
  • Cold Chamber.
  • De Humidifier.
  • Dust Chamber.
  • Deep Freezer.
  • Hot Air Oven.
  • Reach In Growth Chamber.
  • Solar Photovoltaic Environmental Chamber.
  • Tray Drier.
  • Walk In Cold Chamber / Walk In Cooler.
  • Phytroton Plant Growth Chamber.
  • Seed Germinator.
  • Stability Chamber.
  • Ultra Deep Freezer.
  • Walk In Germination Chamber.

Isotech Value

Some of our Innovative standard Views:

Innovative Technology

Innovative committed to technology & Service innovation.

Career Opportunities

Promising to offer our employees career opportunities for future.

Up-to-Date Market

Responsive to respond to changing market requirements.

Secure & Quality

Reliable to provide secure & quality test solution.


Cultive to a loyal & team spirited team.

Great Value

Win to create values for our customers and the society.

Isotech Certifications

Design, Manufacture, SUppoly & Installation of Environmental Simulation Products.

NSIC Certification

The National Small Industries Corporation.

Isotech Brand Values

We Consider the following as our Brand Values:

To contribute test technology development and environmental friendliness.

To be a reliable and valuable partner of Customers.

To grow with and benefit our employees.

Whether your specific requirements lie in the design or the operational capabilities of the test chamber, we will do everything we can to accommodate them.

We work closely with our customers throughout the design and manufacture processes, and provide a full maintenance and calibration service beyond that. We operate a call-out repair service, and can provide a tailor-made service contract - whatever the type of test chamber or refrigeration system.

Isotech test chambers