How does an Environmental Chamber Works?

Introducing Environmental Chambers

An Environmental Chamber is a sealed space where temperature and humidity can be controlled. By spraying salt into the room, some chambers may also simulate corrosion.

The size of these chambers varies a lot depending on the type of product that needs to be checked.The containers vary in size from 20 to 400,000 litres, wide enough to test an entire vehicle!

What is the function of a Climate Room?

Environmental research chambers’ main purpose is to simulate the action of goods we use every day in severe climatic conditions.

For example, a car that performs well in dry climates can not perform well in high-humidity environments.

Manufacturers may use environmental chambers to stress their goods in a controlled environment. A climate chamber allows the product to be tested in both a continental climate with cold winters and hot summers, as well as a Mediterranean climate with higher temperatures.Environmental chambers, when correctly calibrated, produce repeatable results that simulate the product’s output over the entire life cycle.

  • The drawbacks include the fact that this is an energy-intensive procedure that may alter the temperature within the test chamber.
  • Heat is not used in ultrasonic humidifiers to convert water to steam.
  • Running water over a diaphragm vibrating at ultrasonic frequencies produces water vapour.
  • The droplets formed by this method are extremely thin and can easily evaporate in the test chamber’s air.

After that, the humidified air is transported to the test chamber. In our opinion, the device used in the FDM climatic test chambers is the most effective.


The main advantages of using ultrasound technology are:

  • Improved humidity output efficiency

  • Energy performance changes

  • During operation, the machine is completely silent.

  • Working in a cold environment means that no additional heat is produced.

  • Immediate humidity output

How does an Environmental Chamber Work?

The environmental chamber’s operating concept is that all conditions can be manually controlled using a variety of mechanical processes.The temperature of the chamber is controlled by an electric heater or a refrigeration device.

Researchers spray a salt solution through a nozzle within the chamber to mimic the corrosive effect of the sea, for example, creating a fine mist that covers the whole product.


The humidity in the test chamber can be simulated in two ways: using a heat source to evaporate the water or using ultrasound technology. A steam generator, which heats water and produces steam, is normally used to inject water vapour into a test chamber. This vapour rises to the top of the environmental chamber, where it is cooled again, increasing the test chamber’s total humidity. This approach is beneficial because it easily produces high humidity in large chambers.

What Can be Tested in a Climatic Chamber

A climatic chamber can theoretically test any form of product, since anything that can be sold must first pass climatic testing, either to validate the features that the manufacturer requires or to comply with official regulatory requirements.

Aerospace, Security, and Telecommunications are three industries that need "extreme" testing at temperatures well above or below freezing, as well as shocks and vibrations, due to the planned use of the finished product.

Food and beverages: to assess product shelf life, expiration dates, and resistance times in the optimum conditions in which they left the plant. It also refers to packaging and the interaction between the packaging and the product.

Chemical/cosmetic/pharmaceutical: another application of stringent restrictions due to the direct impact on human health: Check out our in-depth look at the pharmaceutical industry and ICHstability testing.


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