How to calibrate the climatic test chamber?

1.Calibrate in an unloaded state.

The key advantage of this method, in comparison, is that it can calibrate the entire working area of the chamber and effectively analyse the environmental test chamber’s applicability. It is unknown at this moment how the test sample will effect the environmental test chamber’s performance.

2.Calibrate in a loaded state.

The advantages of this calibration method, on the other hand, are obvious, including the ability to more accurately detect the impact of the test samples on the chamber’s performance and the ease with which detailed information about the environmental test of the key parts of the samples can be obtained.

3.After the samples have been changed, the chamber should be re-calibrated.


4.A real-time measurement is performed while using the environmental test chamber. This approach may also get the overall environmental parameters of the test sample during the test, in addition to the advantages of the preceding second method.


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