Key Features of Salt Spray Chambers

Standard models meet the specifications of simple, continuous salt spray tests performed at a single temperature only, such as ASTM B117 and similar international test standards, and can be used with pH neutral salt solutions (NSS) or acidified salt solutions (ASS) or Cupric Acid solutions (CASS).


Premium models can perform the same basic salt spray tests as standard models, but they also have additional features that allow them to perform "updated" tests like those specified in ASTM G85. To speed up the test, traditional salt spray is often combined with another climate in a two-part loop. Salt spray and condensation humidity (SWAAT), salt spray and drying (PROHESION), and salt spray and SO2 testing are just a few examples.

Six model sizes:

  • 120 Ltr (4.2 cu ft)
  • 450 Ltr (15.8 cu ft)
  • 1000 Ltr (35.3 cu ft)
  • 1300 Ltr (45.9 cu ft)
  • 2000 Ltr (70.6 cu ft)
  • 2600 Ltr (91.8 cu ft)


Corrosion test chamber models include the following features:

  • For ergonomic loading and unloading, use a low loading threshold.

  • Pneumatically controlled canopy with safety interlock, dubbed "Simple Open."

  • To keep the operator’s clothes from getting wet, use a dry seal gasket.

  • After inspection and before the chamber is opened, the canopy is locked and the cabinet interior is purged with fresh air.

  • For ease of maintenance, transparent hard-wearing acrylic salt spray atomizer(s) are easily available.

  • Cleaning is made simpler with the use of an external salt solution tank. 73L for chambers up to 450L and 90L for chambers up to 1000L.

  • Unrestricted visual access to the chamber interior and test content via a central viewing window.

Premium Salt Spray Chambers have the following additional features:

  • For testing to a wider range of ‘modified’ salt spray tests, an integrated immersion heater creates condensation humidity.
  • For ease of programming and use, a touch-screen, full-colour user control interface with the latest version of our highly intuitive operating software is used.
  • The operating software has a broad capacity for developing complex multi-step test programmes, allowing for the development of a wide variety of test profiles.

  • The icon-based control interface comes with a range of languages pre-installed for ease of use.

  • The chamber can be wired or wirelessly linked to a local area network (LAN) for logging and remote programming through a device running optional software.

  • A real-time, user-configurable ‘clock’ that allows various test samples to be batched and their exposure time tracked separately, with alarms that sound when a pre-set test period is up.


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