What is a salt spray chamber?

Salt spray chamber is used to measure the resistance of coated objects to corros qqA ion. The coating can be painted, electro platings like chromium or galvanised objects.

In the chamber, the article to be checked is placed and a fine mist of salt water is sprayed on to the object. The duration of the spray, the temperature in the chamber etc varies according to the type of coating that has to be evaluated. At the end of the test, the object is taken out and the amount of corrosion is evaluated.

Sometimes, a scratch with a sharp knife is made on the object before the start of the test and the width of the corroded area is measured at the end. The best coatings will not allow the rusting to propagate from the scratch. The below image is of a tested object.


What is a salt spray test chamber and why would I use one?

A salt spray test chamber is an enclosed space. Anything between a large dishwasher to a small room. Inside there are nozzles, drains and a pump. You would use one to test items that are meant to be used in a marine/coastal environment, to make sure they can hold up to the effects of the salty and humid conditions. A sample is placed in the chamber, the pump is turned on and a fine rain of salty water begins to come down over the sample.

After a determined time the sample is retrieved and tested and inspected for damage.

What features should I look for while purchasing a salt spray chamber?

You can check the competitors or top companies of your industries on what they are purchasing for meeting their corrosion test requirements. Like this, you can either be on their level or may be above them in producing quality products. So my advice to you is that you go for a detailed competitor analysis and keep an eye on top manufacturers in your city or nationwide.


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