Working Principle of a Hot Air Oven

What is the principle of operation of a hot air oven?
In the surgical industry, a Hot Air Oven is used to sterilise equipment and materials. Wet heat sterilisation is done in a hot air oven.

Dry heat sterilisation is used on non-wettable equipment and materials that will not melt, catch fire, or change shape when exposed to high temperatures. Sloppy heat sterilisation takes less time than wet heat sterilisation since it uses water to boil or steam objects to sanitise them.

Dry heat sterilisation is performed through conduction. The heat is absorbed by the outside surface of the item, then flows towards the centre of the item, layer by layer. The entire item will ultimately achieve the proper temperature for sterilisation.

By oxidising molecules, dry heat causes the majority of the damage. The organism dies as the essential cell elements are eliminated. To kill the most difficult of the resistant spores, the temperature is kept constant for nearly an hour.


For sterilisation with hot air sterilisers, the most frequent time-temperature relationships are as follows:

170°C (340°F) for 30 minutes,

160°C (320°F) for 60 minutes,

150°C (300°F) for 150 minutes or longer depending on the volume.


Benefits of Using a Laboratory Hot Air Oven

• Not all articles can be sterilised with water. It is suitable for materials such as powder and oil.

• The articles do not need to be deconstructed because they are exposed to high temperatures for an extended period of time.

• Dry sterilisation protects even metal equipment, which would otherwise be destroyed or damaged during wet sterilisation.

• The operator is safe while using dry sterilisation. Unlike steam sterilisation, which employs a pressurised approach for the wet process, this method does not use a pressurised method.

Precautions must be taken include the following:

• Sterilization materials are stored on perforated shelves.

• There must be sufficient space between the articles and sufficient distance from the walls for uniform heat ordination.


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