Plant Growth Chamber

The GC20 one-door plant growth chamber is ideal for botanical and agricultural research, such as seed germination, plant pathology, and general plant research.

Plant, animal, and cultural studies, research, and growth are all possible thanks to the chamber’s design.

The GC20 Plant Growth Chamber is made entirely of stainless steel on the inside and out, with 2′′ of CFC-free polyurethane insulation.

A precision PT100 RTD temperature sensor and RH sensor are included in the chamber, as well as a digital Watlow, Fuji, or comparable PID temperature control and displays. The chamber is constructed of high-quality materials with UL-listed components.

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What are plant growth chambers?

Plant growth chambers are specialised environmental test chambers used in the laboratory to conduct plant growth tests. A plant growth chamber’s goal is to generate atmospheric conditions that promote effective plant germination and growth. Humidity, temperature, and lighting are all controlled in these chambers or cabinets so that the user can establish the ideal environment for studying the growth of a certain plant.



Plant growth chambers are commonly employed in the field of crop productivity studies. The primary applications of these units are plant-related agriculture research and development; plant breeding, plant nutrition, and photosynthesis are just a few of the areas where plant growth chambers are useful. Cereals, arabidopsis, algae, tobacco, physcomitrella, fungi, medicago, weeds, soybeans, potatoes, and other commercial crops and horticultural plants are examples of plant categories.



Plant growth incubators, growth chambers, and high-performance thermoelectric coolers are used in Isotech’s plant growth incubators, allowing the incubator to maintain set points with relative ease. A special electronic board in the control system allows bidirectional control of the thermoelectric system. This system is simpler to replace and keep up with.

Growth Chambers can be Used to Meet Containment Standards (Process)

A humidifier can be added to the Reach-in plant growth incubator/chambers. Humidification is accomplished with the help of an ultrasonic humidifier and a controller that shows the process as well as the set setting. Each door/section on the GC20 and GC40 has three levels of lighting.



Light Features:

Multiple timer settings each day/7 days a week are possible with the Grasslin digital light timer. A PWM Featured Manual light dimming capability is also available as an alternative. Inside the chamber, there are optional outlets for the user to plug in other equipment.

3 level of lighting is usual. We can deliver up to 500 mol m–2 s–1 of energy.

Level by level. 100 to 300 mol m–2 s–1 is provided by standard lighting.

Cabinet standard features

  • Stainless Steel Exterior & Interior
  • Maintains temperatures between 10°c to 40°c(Lights ON)
  • Temp and Humidity controller that displays both PV/SV
  • LED interior light with programmable digital diurnal timer
  • Recessed Door Handle
  • Door locks standard
  • 2″ access port
  • Magnetic door gasket standard for positive door seal
  • Pre-Installed 4″casters with bumper brakes
  • Four Pre-Installed shelves per section
  • Back wall plenum for even distribution of conditioned air

Thermoelectric assembly is used to heat and cool this Growth Chamber. This form of cooling/heating technology eliminates the need for traditional refrigeration systems and breakdowns caused by mechanical components such as compressors, extending the life of each chamber dramatically. The thermoelectric/Peltier driven heating/cooling system also reduces maintenance costs. While in use, the plant growth chamber is quite silent. A PID controller is used to tightly control the temperature setpoints in the chamber. Additive ultrasonic humidification is used to achieve relative humidity setpoints. On the back of the chamber, there is a humidifier. For maintenance and water line connections, consult the humidifier’s instructions.

Standard Temperature control features:

  • Control and monitor via Bluetooth App (Watlow model)
  • Simplifies Controller Management with Easy-to-Operate Graphic User Interface, LED display, Autotune capability
  • Provides Access to Advanced Scripting Capabilities
  • Save Controller Parameters
  • Access Stored Parameters
  • Log Controller Data
  • Control access via software
  • 2 programmable alarm
  • IP-65 Panel (front panel splash-proof)
  • CRC protocol correction build in for error-free communication
  • Visually interpret thermal data
  • Set multiple target temperatures and program steps for advanced applications like thermal cycling
  • Save and load script parameters from stored files on your disk drive
  • Multiple jumps and loops function for complex testing profile

*Note: We offer 2 controller models- Not all features may be available in one controller- Please refer to controller spec. sheet.

Standard Humidity control features:

  • 3% accuracy over the entire input range
  • Displays both the setpoint and actual relative humidity
  • On/off controller is standard. if you need a PID controller with tighter control up to 1% RH- please contact us.
  • A fast response, the capacitive relative humidity sensor is included. It has high accuracy, high reliability, consistency
  • Dual alarm outputs with 10+ activation methods/situation
  • High brightness, large LED display – easily read from distance


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