Temperature Humidity Chamber

In the high temperature and ultralow temperature continuous environment, a temperature humidity chamber is a good choice for material structural tests or composites.

Electronics, LED lights, auto parts, chemical industries, building materials, mobile computers, batteries, plastic, metal, rubber, and other materials are all suitable for use.

Test different performance reliability indexes of relevant product spare parts and materials for institutes of higher learning, scientific research units, and other organisations under conditions of high and low temperature change. A temperature humidity chamber can be used to improve a product or serve as a reference.

Temperature Humidity Chamber

1. The following are some of the characteristics of a temperature humidity chamber: rational construction and rapid cooling rate

2. Wind speed is controlled by frequency conversion.

3. To boost operating reliability, an international brand of imported parts is used for the cooling system.

4. To provide simple operation and maintenance, a touch screen controller, friendly Man-Machine Interface, and a safety device are included.


Isotech is an ISO 9001-certified supplier and a trusted partner, and all of our products have received CE approval. Before delivery, all temperature test chambers are checked seven times for a total of 24 hours. That explains why Isotech is the preferred private brand of many well-known brands, as well as one of the few designated suppliers recognised by several Fortune 500 companies.

1. Personalized service and a great user setup experience

2. Unique and small design, high-end aesthetic, consistent performance, and ease of use

3. It’s possible to mimic a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions.

4. Large components, assemblies, and final products can all be tested.

5. Temperature and humidity chambers come in a variety of sizes and designs.

6. One-year warranties are included, as well as two years of remote control maintenance guidance.

For many years, Isotech Technology has been a manufacturer and supplier of temperature and humidity chambers to international partners! Temperature humidity chamber, temperature chamber, humidity chamber, environmental chamber, environmental test chamber, climatic chamber, temperature test chamber, temperature and humidity environmental test chamber, humidity and temperature chamber are some of the key products.

I’m glad you’ve inquired about the temperature and humidity chamber. I hope you enjoy it! Thank you very much.


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