Sensor Testing Chambers

ISOTECH TECHNOLOGY PVT LTD has made a significant advancement in the field of technology. We are the first firm in India to create under the Make in India platform and to successfully install this project at one of our clients’ locations. In India, there is just one NHP-approved lab for this type of testing.

Construction Inner room with three walls 6000 Ltrs. capacity

Inside the chamber, clamps were used to secure the two data loggers together with the cords that link the Master and Slave Sondes to the calibration beakers and the washing tan.

Stainless steel 304 is used for the inner chamber. The working table base must be able to support a total weight of 200 kg, with a sufficient groove for four separate trays and a washing tank. 4 SS 304 individual trays, as shown in the figure, to hold sample beakers with a two-layer holding mechanism.


A suitable channel has been created for the flow of two wires, one for the master and one for the slave, which will be used to link Sonde to the Data Logger outside. Cables will not dangle and restrict operation or visibility. If not in use, it has the ability to seal the route. inside the room Inside the chamber, a laminar airflow blower/fan system is used to maintain a consistent temperature, humidity, UV parameters, chamber sterilisation, and so on. Temperature ranges from -20°C to +90°C, with a temperature uniformity of 0.5°C across the chamber and a gradient of 1.0°C.

Working Principle of a Hot Air Oven

Setup of the Washing Area

Washing tank constructed of SS304 with a freshwater entrance and a used water outlet, as well as auto storage and drainage capabilities for auto cleaning. Fill the washing tank with de-ionized water. Gantry movement system that is mechanical three axes For the x-y-z plane, a gantry system is used.

Design of a gantry arm

Automatic self-adjustable grippers to grasp two distinct Sondes (Master and Slave) with sufficient space between them, as well as grippers to hold them in opposing directions. The gripping distance can be programmed and self-adjusted. Artificial intelligence (AI) Sonde diameters range from 2.5cm to 8cm, while heights range from 45cm to 85cm. The movement coordinates of the Electronic Control Gantry system are configurable.


Display system

Outside the sensor testing chamber, a separate Gantry arm controller with a display.

Data Logger

Provision of clamps for holding the master and slave data loggers of Sondes, as well as a laptop stand, if the data logger is to be placed outside. Through the company-supplied connection cables, test data from the Master and Slave Sondes will be recorded to the data recorders. The Silver Tape system will be utilised to seal the connecting cable duct passage between the Sondes under test within the chamber and the data recorders outside.

Chamber for Sensor Testing:

The Colour touch screen displays Human Machine Interface (HMI) and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) of 7" or greater (PLC).

Program Menu

  • Sensor Testing Chamber
  • Gantry arm system

For setting up of:

  • System Time
  • Temperature ranges
  • Humidity ranges
  • UV sterilizations time
  • Error alarms.
  • Gantry Arm functions for a complete test cycle.
  • Remote access for monitoring and controlling system parameters and functionality.
  • Web gate technology / 21CFR-Part 11 Software.


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