What is the difference between a walk in cold room and a walk in freezer

With superficially similar appearances and designs, cold rooms and freezers can easily be confused. Although they look alike,

especially from the outside, very different demands are imposed on each of them, with very different temperature ranges, and the applications for which they are used vary greatly.

ISOTECH Cold Storage Solutions freezers and cold stores have several key differences in their designs and capabilities, and they are well equipped for different applications: consider the following when choosing your ideal cold storage solution:

The temperature difference between a cold store and a freezer

By its very nature, the temperature of a freezer without a chamber must be kept at a much lower level than the temperature required by a refrigerator without a chamber. Most commercial cold stores operate at an average temperature between 0 ° C and 5 ° C, remain above the freezing point of water and act as a large refrigerator, while a freezer can operate at temperatures as low as -40 ° C, freezing everything inside. This makes them unsuitable for many types of products and materials, especially those that would be damaged by freezing temperatures and ice crystals, or those that should be used imminently, with no time to defrost, in these cases, a cold. The room is A perfect solution.

Applications of a cold room without calling compared to a freezer without appointment

As mentioned earlier, the applications of a cold room with dressing room differ considerably from the applications for a freezer with dressing room, largely due to the temperature difference between the two rooms. Non-appointment chillers are normally used to store products at low temperatures above the freezing point, ensuring that they are available for imminent use without defrosting. This allows them to use and store and cool anything that should be preserved without freezing, such as fresh food, hospital medical supplies and even dead bodies before their funerals, in areas such as the Chapel of Rest at funeral homes.

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