What are BOD Incubators and their significance?

In diverse industries, BOD incubators are commonly employed to generate an isolated chamber with a temperature of 20°C.

Some industries require product testing at a specific temperature to ensure that biochemical oxygen demand is met. This equipment is used to undertake exact observations in germination investigations, bacteria culturing, and insect and micro-living being’s studies.

It is critical to keep the operating state for a longer period of time in order to achieve the best results in the long run.

  1. When the computer is not in use for an extended period of time, it is always a good idea to disconnect the power supply from the socket.

  2. Routine maintenance is critical to keeping the machine in good working order and avoiding machine downtime.

  3. Before using it, be sure you read the instruction manual and catalogue thoroughly. Also, do not use the machine for longer than the recommended cycle. It has a progressive effect on the machine’s life.

What is BOD theory and how does it work?


Biochemical oxygen demand or biological oxygen demand incubators are the names given to these incubators. As a result of the bacteria devouring the oxygen, there is a significant oxygen deficit. The oxygen serves as an electron acceptor in this process.

What is a salt spray chamber?

The organic substance that the microorganisms consume provides them with the energy they need to survive and reproduce. Simultaneously, the oxidation process continues without the help of bacteria. All of this is assessed using the COD technique, which stands for chemical oxygen demand.

How is this put into practice in the workplace?

The sample is placed in an airtight bottle to perform the test. This bottle is then placed inside the incubator for a predetermined amount of time and under predetermined circumstances.

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The oxygen in the sample begins to dissipate. Before and after the incubation process, the oxygen depletion in the sample is assessed. The difference is used to compute the BOD. The microorganisms rely on dissolved oxygen to thrive. When dissolved oxygen levels reach a certain level, anaerobic bacteria begin to grow, producing a nasty odour.


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