Thermal Shock Chamber with Humidity test

This Thermal Shock Chamber is conforming to JSS-55555:2012 & MIL-STD-810 (For Testing of equipments) and JSS-50101, IS-9000-Part-14, MIL-STD-883 & MIL-STS-202 (for testing of components).

A Horizontal Orientation Thermal Shock Chambers has three side-by-side independent zones: Hot, Ambient, and Cold. The addition of the ambient zone allows for three zones testing, which is a requirement of some military standards.

This unique and versatile chamber configuration can also be used for two zone tests. Thermal Shock Chambers are designed to perform tailored environmental stress screening of component and board level electronic assemblies. These systems are designed for large components and are ideal for manufacturing environments.


  • Number of cabinet: 3 No’s
  • Basket Movement : Horizontal & Vertical
  • Test space Volume : 100 to 1000 Litres ± 5%
  • Hot cabinet temperature range : Ambient to 200°C
  • Cold cabinet temperature range : Ambient to -70°C
  • Ambient cabinet temperature: Ambient
  • Test temperature accuracy : ±1°C
  • Humidity range: less than 30% to 98% at temperature range from 25°C to 55°C.
  • Humidity accuracy: ±3% or better

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  • The high temperature and low temperature compartment of the chamber shall be capable of maintaining the specified temperature.
  • Water / Air cooled cascade refrigeration system shall be provided.
  • The compressor shall be mounted on anti-vibration pads.
  • Eco-friendly non-CFC refrigerant shall be provided.
  • A Low pressure droplet free vapour boiler using direct vaporization system shall be used.
  • TFT touch Screen with programmable logic controller.
  • Number of programs and profile segments with ramp & soak duration provided for cyclic operation.
  • It should be capable of programming up to 99 programmers with minimum of 50 segments in each program.

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