Ingress Protection Test


Standards as per IEC 60529 Edition 2.2 2013-08.

Ingress Protection testing, or IP testing, determines a product’s susceptibility to solid particle ingress (sand or dust) as well as water ingress. The value of trusting Element with your Ingress Protection (IP) testing is clear. The Ingress Protection standard we most commonly test to is BS EN/IEC 60529.

The test facility will meet the degree of protection testing for the test samples /products. The test setup of turn table will withstand the test samples Weight of: 0.5 to 15 Ton.

The hand held spray nozzle device provided for IPX3 and IPX4 tests and test nozzles of IP X5 and X6 and necessary couplings with braided hose will travel in linear vertical position during testing, for which a suitable MS / SS structure (with guide / rail to travel) of material cross section will be fabricated. The maximum travel of vertical guide / from floor to 2 to 6 meters & customized sizes are also available.

The structure mechanism will have control speed for linear movement and provision to adjust the travel height. The structure will be movable on the test floor to reach the turn table and the product under testing with ease and connivance. Over all construction shall be robust and long lasting.

The drip box for IPX1 and IPX2 tests on electrical equipment enclosures. (Customized sizes are also available). At the four corners of the box at the top surface, suitable lifting system will be provided with heavy duty polyester slings to lift and travel the drip box during testing.

The rain drip test set up will be provided with suitable castor wheel for movable on the test floor to reach the turn table and the product under testing with ease and connivance. The test facility will be provided with water cleaning filters to overcome and to prevent the pinholes getting blocked. The test setup shall accompany with standard and repute make digital rain precipitation gauge / meter to measure the rain fall rate as required by IEC 60529.

The materials used for construction of drip box will be of stainless steel of grade SS 304 and other structural parts will be extruded industrial grade aluminum. Over all construction will be robust and long lasting.

The Hand held spray nozzle designed with counter balance shield to achieve 60° and 180° spray conditions as per the IEC 60529 standard. The X3, X4, X5 and X6 device with hose and couplings will travel in linear vertical position during testing in the structure as specified in clause.


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