How to grow plants in Growth chamber

How to grow plants in Growth chamber and Do plants need a UV light or just a Visible light?

UV does not appear to be viable for photosynthesis.

However, UV has some interaction with plants. Growth chambers have its own importance to grow plants.

If I could find an article based on a plant other than this one, I would give you a different link, but the following link Does make a case for UV needs:

Know more About Growth Chamber

For fruiting plants like Tomatoes or Fruit Trees, the breakdown of certain chemicals within the plants by UV could generate some of the nutrients normally found within the Fruits, and possibly affect growth patterns in the wood / stalk.

NEED might be a strong word when it comes to the UV, but certainly plants are using the UV for some processes.

Plants grown in a greenhouse or growth chamber are never exposed to any appreciable amounts of UV and they grow just fine (provided you give them blue, red, and infra-red light), but they tend to look very different from how they grow outdoors. UVA and UVB cause photodamage, which stimulates the plant to make protective chemicals (anti-oxidants). From a plant’s perspect, UV is just plain bad, but from a human perspective, our foods might contain more micronutrients if the plants that made the food were exposed to UV light.

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