Why are Humidity Chambers used?

An Isotech humidity chamber offers a wide range of standard and customized solutions for any test program. Environmental tests with a humidity chamber help improve the reliability and durability of the product. Moisture chambers are available in a variety of styles, sizes and performance configurations.

All humidity chambers come with a standard temperature range for combined temperature and humidity tests. Temperature and humidity tests help determine the behavior of components under test conditions and severe environments involving fluctuating environments, high temperatures and different relative humidity. The tests can be performed with constant temperature and humidity in a static state and can be performed in a dynamic state where moisture is used to induce a failure of the components or materials.

Why are Humidity Chambers used?

"Is it possible to produce the precise level of humidity without temperature control?" We usually find people who ask those kinds of questions. Controlling the humidity of the cameras with precision and repeatability is quite difficult without controlling the temperature of the machines. If the user wants a dry or humid environment, omitting the temperature controller can affect the relative humidity accuracy.

The higher the temperature of the chamber, it means that the air is able to handle more humidity at a given temperature. Relative humidity is the ratio of the amount of moisture in the air to the humidity it can contain. It means that the relative humidity changes with the change in temperature. Therefore, a stable temperature helps guarantee a stable level of relative humidity.

Methods of Humidity Generation

Method 1: “Steam Generator”

Steam generators are tank type machines that are properly equipped with immersion heaters. As the water inside the chamber heats up, steam is generated inside the tank and rises to the top of the chamber, where the coils and cooling heaters are actually located. These cameras work on the output of the heaters and the relative humidity demands. Some of the benefits of steam generators are:

• Easily generates high volume of moisture in large chambers

• The quality of water vapor is constant.

Method 2: “Atomizer”

Los atomizadores se componen de una boquilla de pulverización fina para atomizar el agua. Esto se hace en el ensamble de mezclado. A medida que el agua atomizada pasa a través del calentador de cámara, se calienta instantáneamente. Los atomizadores son ampliamente utilizados en cámaras para crear un alto nivel de humedad y ofrecen numerosos beneficios también. Algunos de los beneficios de los atomizadores se mencionan a continuación:

  • Sistema muy simple y fácil de usar
  • Capaz de generar un alto volumen de humedad
  • No hay problemas con el desgaste del calentador
  • mejor para ahorrar electricidad
  • Enfría el aire Es beneficioso cuando sea necesario.

Method3: “Water bath”

Water bath systems for generating moisture also function as steam generators, but not as a closed box. A small water bath is equipped with the mixture set where the heaters and cooling coils are installed. As the air is drawn into the mix set, it passes through the bath and picks up the steam. Some of the advantages of using a water bath in the cameras include:

  • Sensitive due to the small amount of water
  • Does not require a boiling procedure to provide moisture
  • Less boiling means that less mineral is deposited inside the chamber and requires less maintenance.
  • It can be cleaned and inspected quickly.

Humidity Chamber – For Determining the Effect of Humidity on Products

Conditioning chambers are the ideal test chambers that are incorporated with the latest technological features to create different relative humidity and temperature inside the chamber. These cameras ensure a lower proportion of heat loss since they are designed with high quality insulation with imported glass wool. Chambers is composed of refrigeration compressors and heaters to maintain an adequate amount of temperature and humidity. Moisture chambers are used to evaluate the effect of different climatic conditions on the physical, chemical and mechanical properties of the products during work in real time on the product.

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