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Stability Chambers are specially designed equipment for the testing of products and also to determine their shelf life such as drug, electrical components, industrial materials etc which enables you to tweak parameters like temperature, humidity to conduct a thorough check over varied conditions.

Different products require different types of testing conditions, but it is practically impossible to move around the place for different climate conditions. And this is where stability chambers come in handy, making the job easier. They are also able to assess changes in product quality that may occur as a result of alternating environmental exposure.

What is a salt spray chamber?

This type of testing is an essential part of many product development procedures because it provides a green light for no errors in the final product and its proper operation.

If a defect in the product goes unnoticed, the stability chambers can detect it and bring it to our attention. This type of testing can take weeks, months, or even years, depending on the product’s requirements.

There are various types of chambers available depending on their application. They are as follows:

  • Environmental Chambers
  • Temperature-Humidity Chambers
  • Accelerated testing chambers
  • Photostability Chambers

Stability Chambers are available in two types which are:

Reach in Chambers:

These are typically small in size and are used to test small batches of products. They are extremely easy to use.

Walk in Chambers:

This type, as the name implies, is larger in size and can be walked into. They are used for testing larger batches of products that require consistent conditions over an extended period of time.

Working Principle of Tray Dryers – Manufacturer of Tray Dryers – Best Pharmaceutical Equipment

Stability chambers are used to record a product’s performance under the following conditions:

  • Moisture/humid conditions
  • Dry regions
  • Rainy conditions
  • Exposure to sun
  • High temperature conditions
  • Extreme environmental changes

How does it work?

The operation of a stability chamber is based on a simple principle: by maintaining a stable temperature, a stable relative humidity value is also maintained.

Relative humidity is the ratio of how much water is in the air to how much it has the potential to hold. With an increase in the current temperature, the amount of water that air can hold increases, resulting in a decrease in relative humidity. This is how both parameters are automatically and simultaneously adjusted.

What is a Hot Air Oven / Aging chamber

The chamber’s outer and inner bodies are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, with the inner body lined with proper insulation. Inside the chamber, a number of shelves are provided for storing the product, which can be easily removed. Sensors are also attached to the chamber to detect the temperature and humidity levels. The controlled air flow inside the chamber maintains uniform temperature and humidity conditions. 57ff7ab4b54ff708014246.jpg

For better uniformity of required conditions, horizontal laminar airflow is preferred. Even when the shelves are fully loaded with samples, they will receive a consistent flow of air with this type of system. The attached blowers keep the sir circulating properly. Data loggers are devices that receive and transmit data.

A very useful feature is also included, which is a glass door that allows the person to observe what is going on inside without disturbing the internal temperature conditions. There are ports available for the regular removal of exhaust air.

Environmental chambers, also known as climatic chambers, are used to simulate a variety of climatic conditions for the testing of specific products. This type of chamber can provide any required climatic condition, from dry or humid to rainy or corrosive. Their sizes vary and can be as large as a room or as small as being accessible from a bench.

Salt Spray Chambers Specification

When determining how a product will behave under the combined effect of white light and UV light, photostability testing is required. This raises the issue of safety because it involves dealing with UV light, which is harmful to humans if they come into direct contact with it. For added security, chambers that automatically turn off UV light when the door is opened should be used.

Photostability testing is required when determining how a product will behave when exposed to both white and UV light. This probes safety as a concern because it involves dealing with UV light, which is harmful to humans if it comes into direct contact. For added security, chambers that turn off UV light when the door is opened should be used.

What are stability chambers used for in the pharmaceutical industry?

Stability chambers have a wide range of applications. They play an important role in the completion of a specific product’s manufacturing process. It is also used in the automotive industry, the cosmetic industry, packaging, biological or microbiological tests, research, and many other fields.

The pharmaceutical industry is concerned with the development, research, and marketing of drugs that can be useful in medical science. Because these drugs will be used by a large number of people in various parts of the world, ensuring proper drug manufacturing becomes a top priority.

A faulty drug developed and consumed by humans can result in side effects and toxic symptoms. As a result, drug stability testing in various conditions becomes critical.

How to calibrate the climatic test chamber?

In this industry, stability chambers are used for this purpose. They aid in the testing of drugs in a variety of conditions such as temperature, humidity, pH, radiation, and so on. They are also used to determine how long a product will be useful. Stability chamber testing also provides evidence about the product’s packaging’s integrity. The testing draws your attention to errors in the drugs that may cause the drug to be toxic in certain environmental conditions, saving you a significant amount of time and money. This testing also determines the expiry date of any drug.

The shelf life of a drug is the amount of time that a drug will remain effective if stored in specified conditions from the date of manufacture. This number must be determined using stability chambers and displayed on the box for consumer awareness.

The following temperature and humidity conditions are recommended by the International Commission of Harmonisation (ICH) for stability studies on pharmaceutical samples:

Long-term studies: 25°C +/- 2°C, 60 +/- 5%RH

Intermediate studies: 30°C +/ – 2°C, 65% +/- 5% RH

Accelerated stability studies: 40°C +/- 2°C, 75% +/- 5% RH

Because these chambers can maintain a required stable uniform temperature, they are also used to store drug samples that require stable conditions that cannot be obtained naturally.

Maintenance and proper checking of chambers should be taken seriously in the pharmaceutical industry to ensure error-free drug testing.

What are the best stability chambers providers / solutions?

Among all the options available today, using the appropriate stability chambers for industrial use is critical because it determines whether your product is fully ready to enter the market and be put to commercial use. alfunctions can cause the chamber to fail, rendering months of hard work in vain. The chambers used must be stable, consistent, and dependable. Furthermore, even minor when selecting the best stability chamber on the market, make sure to consider the chamber’s durability and long-term performance.

The proper type of stability chamber should adhere to all ICH guidelines and be operated in accordance with them.

A primary step is also to select appropriate software that works behind the chambers.

Proper systems and options for dealing with various issues such as shelving, doors, documentation, security, and so on should be available.

Plant Growth Chambers / Seed Germinators

Because of their extensive research and experience, Enviro technologies provide the best solutions for the management and testing of stability chambers. It is a microcontroller-based electronic device that also provides an LED alarm system in the event of temperature fluctuations from desired levels. It has a 128*64 alphanumeric graphical display. The software allows you to have audio trail reports, graphs, reports, and other information related to product testing.

Isotech has designed it in such a way that it both records and monitors important parameters such as temperature, humidity, LUX, and UV. It benefits the user by reducing manual work of recording various results and saving time.

If the data from certain tests is lost or accessed by someone without authority, a huge loss will occur. As a result, regular data backups are recommended for security. Enviro technologies offers a solution for stability chambers that includes an automatic data backup feature as well as an excellent data management system. The software also includes a password-protected login system. It has a transaction capacity of up to 4500 with a single PID with one parameter.

There are numerous manufacturers of stability chamber solutions on the market, but selecting one that serves all purposes and is secure is critical. Isotech provides the type of solution you’ve been looking for, one that works with extreme accuracy and consistency.


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