Dust chambers

Why Dust Chambers?

The ISOTECH dust chambers give an instant answer to basic dust test guidelines for the car and electronic-cabinets prerequisites. Regularly indicated for use with "Arizona fine clean", these units can likewise be utilized with talcum or solid powder.

The chamber has a "clamshell" sort entryway/top for simple front-stacking, contrasted and top-stacking chambers. Discretionary reach-in glove ports permit pivoting the test without opening the entryway.

Dust Chamber.PNG

  • Dust tests / Dust chambers are used to perform to test functioning of electronic components under extreme environmental conditions.

  • Various standards specify the test duration and composition of dust used.

  • The dust is filled in the Converging Cone below the test space. The formation of dust within the test space is effected by dust circulation blower.

The dust is blown and swirled in upper test space by intensive air movement.

  1. Complies with IEC 60529, IP5X & IP6X.
  2. Test space: 1000mm (W) X 1200mm (H) X 1000mm (D).
  3. Temperature Range: RT to 60°C
  4. Test Medium: Talcum powder, Charcoal Powdered.

Dust Proof Lights have been provided for illumination inside the chamber, Wiper with knob to clean the viewing window for clear visibility.

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