An Atypical Leader Revamping the Business World with Innovation

" “P. M. DSOUZA”
Leaders become great not because of their power but, because of their ability to empower others." -John Maxwell.

Leaders are more than a reality in every firm, as they supply not only great zeal to the workforce but also a blueprint to insane achievement. Company Connect has witnessed the rise to the success of a number of outstanding business executives. Furthermore, we have a long history of including multiple top-notch executives in our portfolio, and our team just discovered one such leader, P.M. Dsouza, who is setting new business standards. Our editorial team had a fascinating and enjoyable conversation with him, during which he revealed a number of previously undisclosed details about his life. The leader also gave a slew of useful tidbits for aspiring entrepreneurs, which we’re excited to pass along. The leader also revealed a number of useful tidbits for aspiring entrepreneurs, which we are excited to share in this intriguing read. We really hope and wish that this book will not only inspire our worldwide reading panel but will also give value to everyone’s life.


P.M. Dsouza’s brainchild, Isotech Technology Pvt. Ltd., is reshaping the business world with its constant pursuit of new records in the field of test chambers. Mr Dsouza, as the company’s director, is a shining example of determination and commitment. His journey to Isotech from the depths of despair to the pinnacles of grandeur is a tale worth recounting. His efforts have resulted in a global leader in complete test chamber solutions for a variety of business difficulties. The filmmaker believes that the fundamental elements of an excellent leader are honesty, confidence, and a positive attitude. He declares, "My primary motivation for becoming an entrepreneur was to be my own boss and to contribute to society by creating jobs for young people. I choose to be an entrepreneur because it allows me to be independent, happy, and flexible."

Mr Dsouza is a well-known corporate executive with extensive expertise in his field. He is regarded as a proactive professional capable of quickly identifying business issues, formulating tactical plans, initiating change, and implementing successful business strategies in difficult situations to improve the company’s performance. He is in charge of cross-functional coordination and establishing strategic plans in the arena, as well as formulating efficient administrative policies for the organization’s fast expansion.

He has closely observed startups and commercial organisations, as well as worked with well-established teams; as a result, he has a wealth of expertise and an unrivalled knowledge bank. One thing he’s seen about startups is their lack of patience, with many of them abandoning the market when they don’t get a positive reaction. Because of the significant expenditures they have made in their enterprises, it is tough for them to stay in the game without seeing the required results- but they must recognise that establishing themselves in the domain takes time. The leader sends to all aspiring entrepreneurs the notion that the best thing a founder can do is never give up. You’ll confront a range of problems on any given day, but you’ll have to overcome them. You are the captain, and no matter how many icebergs come your way, you must keep your ship stable.


"Isotech Technology Pvt Ltd is a handful of creating strategic plans in the arena, along with competent independent enterprises in Bangalore, India," Mr Dsouza said of the company’s portfolio. Environmental Test Chambers, Humidity Test Chambers, Climatic Test Chambers, Hot & Cold Test Chambers, Salt Corrosion Test Chambers, Walk-in Environmental Chambers, and Growth Chambers are among the products we now provide. Because of the compact size of our organisation and the fact that he has worked with well-established teams, we are able to retain a high level of he has significant expertise as well as a bank of unequalled flexibility in our production processes. Our typical test chambers come in tabletop and floor standing variants, with temperatures ranging from -75°C to +180°C (or -75°C to +200°C for certain applications/models) and humidity levels ranging from 10% to 97% RH."

"Our objective is to create and manufacture environmental chambers of the finest quality and design, with the ambition to deliver goods that are both affordable and of the highest quality," he continues.

  • Isotech Value
  • Innovative committed to technology 8c Service innovation.
  • Promising to offer our employees career opportunities.
  • Reliable to provide secure & quality test solutions.
  • Responsive to respond to changing market requirements.
  • Cultivate a loyal & team-spirited team.
  • Win to create values for our customers and society.
  • Isotech Brand values
  • To contribute test technology development and environmental friendliness.
  • To be a reliable and valuable partner of Customers.
  • To grow with and benefit our employees.


Entrepreneurship is a journey, not a destination; it is evaluated not only by income but also by the number of pleased customers throughout the world. Many noteworthy inventors have emerged in India during the last two decades, whose innovations have had a significant influence on society and raised the country’s profile across the world. When it comes to business, one of the most important talents for entrepreneurs is leadership. When our team questioned Mr Dsouza about his thoughts on the matter, he said, "Having good leadership is critical for a company’s success, and we at lsotech Technology are well aware of this phenomenon. For this, we’ve put in place a set of processes and regulations that serve as guides for the down chain, allowing them to accomplish their duties as efficiently and effectively as possible. Having a single-track mentality also aids us in making business our only concern in life. We’re entirely focused on our organisation, and everything else comes after that."

We’ve all heard the phrase "leaders are born, not created," but simply being a leader won’t help you overcome the myriad problems and barriers that a great leader will face. And vision is a key component in this. Mr Dsouza believes that a visionary leader will be able to manage the numerous events that will occur in the future corporate environment.

Before signing off, the visionary offers some advice to the next generation of leaders and thinkers, saying, " Success is not, in my opinion, the path to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you like what you’re doing, you’ll be successful."


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