Thermal Shock Chamber

Isotech’s Thermal Shock Chamber is a useful instrument for conducting thermal shock tests on items. A product carrier basket in a Thermal Shock Environmental Chamber transfers a product under test between temperature zones that are independently controlled. Users may easily monitor the product as it is transported between different temperature zones thanks to built-in viewing windows.

Thermal Shock Chambers are available in a range of performance configurations to fulfil a variety of testing requirements and come with the easy-to-use 8825 Controller.


Most commercial items are tested in our Thermal Shock Chamber to assess how well they tolerate extreme temperature swings. Simply put, a thermal shock chamber exposes a product to the most extreme temperature conditions in a short period of time.

The goal of using a thermal shock chamber to evaluate a product under these conditions is to notice changes in the product’s properties and check for failure of various materials and thermal expansion coefficients. These thermal shock chambers are not allowed to be used to test or store combustible explosives, corrosive compounds, biological samples, or strong electromagnetic emission sources.



There are three zones in the thermal shock chamber:
  1. High temperature

  2. Low temperature

  3. Testing zone

What can be done if the thermal shock test chamber’s equipment does not reach the desired temperature?

  1. The test sample is set to static.

  2. The operating interface is a touch-control graph control, which is simple to use.

  3. To assess cold shock, use a wind route conversation to shock the way to transfer temperature to the test zone.

  4. The maximum time for a high or low-temperature shock is 999H, while the maximum circulation cycles are 9999.

  5. Automatic Circulation Shock or manually selected shock are both possible with this device

  6. The thermal shock chamber uses a binary cooling system that provides rapid cooling. Water cooling is a cooling technology.


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