150 Litres Salt Fog Test Chamber

Salt spray test: The salt splash (or salt mist) test is an institutionalized and mainstream consumption test technique, used to check erosion resistance of materials and surface coatings.

More often than not, the materials to be tried are metallic (albeit stone, earthenware production, and polymers may likewise be tried) and completed with a surface covering which is planned to give a level of consumption assurance to the basic metal. Salt shower testing is a quickened erosion test that creates a destructive assault to covered examples with a specific end goal to assess (generally nearly) the appropriateness of the covering for use as a defensive wrap up.

Quality Of Salt Fog Test Chamber

Corrosion does not only eat away at base metals, but also highly alloyed, tempered materials, plastics and painted surfaces. Therefore, resistance to corrosions is an important mark of quality and safety for many products.


Utilized to Render a Wide Range of Corrosion Tests

You can investigate the impact of salt spray with the Salt Event corrosion test chamber. The test devices have excellent temperature consistency and in this way, they guarantee correct and reliable results. Spray chambers are increasingly popular choices for the enhanced corrosive testing of the preventive layer from metallic elements and also electrical components, parts, and industrial products. Adding to this, it has the potential to reproduce the corrosion process that affects the untreated or painted metal surface. Hence, it can be utilized to render a wide range of corrosion tests in compliance with relevant standards ASTM-B117.

Technical Measurements

Capacity : 150 liters Chamber Temperature: RT to 50°C Saturator/Bubble tower Temperature: RT to 65°C

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