Environmental Test Chambers: What You Should Know About Their Features and Benefits

Environment research chambers are typically constructed to meet the needs of a variety of industries. Isotech Technology, a manufacturer of environmental chambers, offers test chambers that are uniquely constructed without sacrificing features.

The design and construction of the chamber, regardless of its size, must meet the specifications. With these Environmental Chambers, precise measurements in particular conditions should be possible. As the size of walk-in temperature chambers and drive-in temperature chambers grows, it becomes more important to ensure that the chamber functions properly in all environmental conditions.

Standard specifications & their benefits

  • Construction of the Walk-in Test Chambers in Blocks These modular environmental research chambers should be able to operate in a wide variety of temperatures, relative humidity levels, and simulations. Benefits These chambers may run in a variety of temperatures and climates.

  • The walk-in Chambers’ Control-Desk These test chambers’ control desks must be user-friendly. It should be able to collect data in real time while the chamber is running and automatically store the results on the controller for future reference. Advantages The test results are automatically saved for future reference.


  • The Chambers’ Interiors and Workspace An LED-illuminated work chamber is included with the walk-in test chamber. It also offers a direct view thanks to the multi-pane vacuum glass doors. CRCS powder coat panels and maximum grade SS interiors are used on the exterior panels. Advantages Provides a straightforward and accurate view, allowing the user to read the results and follow the process without difficulty.

  • Features of Safety and Security These multi-user walk-in climatic chambers typically have three levels of protection based on access control. The heavy-duty die-cast aluminium locks keep the testing chamber secure when conducting tests in a variety of temperature and humidity conditions. The HMI mount on the monitor’s front access allows for quick access. Advantages The Chamber’s successful and productive service is shown by these protection and safety measures. Environmental test chambers service is often needed to maintain a high level of quality.

  • The Approach to Research in Real-Time The growing demand for connected devices is hastening the introduction of real-time monitoring and control solutions for chambers. As a result, Envisys Technologies has developed a built-in web server that allows users to track and control any walk-in environmental chamber using a connected smartphone or PC (Personal Computer). You can do all of this from a distance.

Advantages It improves overall efficiency by allowing remote access. More effort, resources, and money are saved.

Storage of real-time test results The test results of any given specimen are stored and can be accessed in real-time by users from any connected computer. Envisys’ walk-in chambers have a total programming capacity of up to 99 programmes, 256 MB user memory, and external data storage capacity of up to 2 GB. Allows for auto-tuning and communication via USB and Ethernet ports. Advantages The graphical software unit comes with its own file and folder, allowing you to save test results at any time.

The standard models of test chambers available from Envisys Technologies are 10K, 12K, 14K, 16K,18K, and 22K litre standard volume chambers that operate at temperatures ranging from -40 / -70 °C to 180 °C +/-1 °C and relative humidity levels ranging from 10% to 95% +/- 3%.

These Walk-in Environmental Chambers are also known as walk-in humidity chambers, walk-in climatic chambers, walk-in thermal chambers, drive-in chambers, and walk-in temperature chambers, among other names.


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