Solar / Photovoltaic Environmental Chamber

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Solar / Photovoltaic Environmental Chamber

Solar / Photovoltaic Environmental chamber, Humidity, Temperature, Heating, Cooling.

Chambers Overview

Introduction to Solar / Photovoltaic Environmental Chamber

It is constructed in compliance with IEC 61215, IEC 61646 & ASTM E 1171.

Solar / Photovoltaic Environmental chamber is intended for performing different type of test where the temperature and humidity of sample environment must be controlled within certain limits. The role of environment testing into examine and prove the suitability, reliability, durability of products through the exposure to the environmental effects of temperature, humidity, light..e.t.c.

Acceleration of the environmental effects that these products will experience in nature is required. Our policy of continual liaison with leading researchers ensures we maintain our premier position as suppliers of high quality Solar / Photovoltaic Environmental chamber and associated facilities. Our Solar / Photovoltaic Environmental chamber, were designed with Safety, Reliability, Ease of operating and ergonomically.

Main Features

  • Test space dimensions are 500 litres to 10000 litres.
  • Temperature Range – 75° C to +180° C.
  • Temperature deviation +/-0.5° C.
  • Temperature Resolution 0.1° C.
  • Temperature Gradient +/- 1° C to 2° C.
  • Average Temperature Raise/Fall 1° C to 5° C.
  • Humidity Range 10 % RH to 97% RH.
  • Humidity deviation 2% RH to 3% RH.
  • Humidity Gradient +/- 3%.
Solar / Photovoltaic Environmental Chamber
Solar / Photovoltaic Environmental Chamber

Chambers Construction

Interior structure made of non frost vapour / air tight type. The high – gloss polished stainless steel test space is welded vapour tight, has well finished edges. it remains impervious to corrosion and easy to clean. 16 Or 18 SWG 304 grade stainless Steel with adjustable / removable shelving. Outer external structure made of 16 Or 18 SWG CRCA /GI/ Stainless steel with electrostatic powder super fine coating finishing for a good appearance.

Insulation is environmentally friendly free of asbestos and CFC free mineral fiber insulation guarantees the best possible insulation values and hence, it will decrease the operating costs.

Door hinges fitted on the right hand side of the chamber with front opening single door. Double lined ‘A’ grade silicon gasket on door as well as chamber body so that like proof tightens the door for better performance with multi pan glass viewing window. Defogger heaters provided with an auto cut – off as well as suitable illumination provided to view the specimen under test.


Air circulation within the chamber with suitable capacity of fan motor and impeller for uniform distribution of temperature and humidity to maintain within desired limits. High circulating air rates ensure even distribution of temperature and humidity. Only the impeller will be exposed in the conditioning plenum with drive motor from outside of the chamber. Condition plenum covered with a detachable type sheet for friendly maintenance of the chamber. Noise level is < 70db.

Quick responding jacket type air heaters are used for heating system to achieve the set value temperature. Highly uniform temperature distribution minimises variations in test results over multiple specimens. Air heaters are placed in such manner that, there is no direct heat radiation from the heaters on to the test specimen.

Solar / Photovoltaic Environmental Chamber

Direct vaporisation humidification system with low pressure steam vapour is used for stimulating the required humidity. Reservoir with automatic float switch for maintain at appropriate level for continuous water supply to the humidity tank.

A refrigeration based de-Humidification system provided for avoid the condensation forming on test specimen as well as control the lower relative humidity.

Water Cooled / Air-cooled mechanical type single stage non CFC refrigeration system / mechanical type cascade compression refrigeration system. Ozone friendly refrigerant with hermetically sealed / low power consumption high boosted semi sealed compressor provided and system is designed such a way that, safety protection against high / low pressure and temperature. Electronic auto expansion valve system for expansion mechanism. Water / Air cooled condenser. Plate fin type cooler. Refrigerant R404A & R23. Pressure measuring device provided for measuring suction and head / discharge pressure of refrigeration systems. HP / LP cutoff / Oil separators with oil return system.

Instrumentation System

Programmable controller using large screen display. Instrumentation package features flexible. Other functions are included user friendly operation with TFT LCD touch screen as well as key input, graphical display of program patterns, testing history trend grapes. A no. of programs & profile segments with ramp & soak duration provided for cyclic operation.

The controller is able to communicate with many different types of hardware using high speed RS 232/485 communications ports, networking and USB communications for fast downloads. Power failure recovery operation system.

P.T 100 sensor is measuring the temperature and high precision RH sensor for humidity measuring. The measuring method considerably improved by using of an continuously wetted humidity sensor and this type wetting effects the self cleaning procedure of the sensor and vastly improving the service life.

Solar / Photovoltaic Environmental Chamber

Safety Devices

Solar / Photovoltaic Environmental chamber equipped with an emergency stop switch. High reliability and operator safety. Easy protection of chamber and specimen in case of failure. Chambers stop if the door is opening as operator safety. European style design signal tower.

Control circuit over current protection. Thermal fuse. Adjustable adequate safety cut – out against high and low temperatures. Chamber door limit switch. Every electrical functional circuit is equipped its own safety facility which shuts down the functional circuit affected or the entire test chamber in case of a malfunction.

Model Number

Cable Port holes are located on the left or on the right side of the test chamber and shall be used for inserting measurement and control cables, other supply connections or additional equipment with rubber plug.

Standard specification shelves and shelf are added as required.

Drain out let pipe with suitable fittings.

Electrical connection 415 V AC +/- 10%, 3 phase/N/PE 50 Hz.

Model No.Temperature RangeHumidity RangeTest space dimensions in liters
ITSPE-75 LO-75°C to +180°C10% to 97%500 Liter to 2000 Liter
ITSPE-60 LO-60°C to +180°C10% to 97%500 Liter to 2000 Liter
ITSPE-40 LO-40°C to +180°C10% to 97%500 Liter to 2000 Liter
ITSPE–20 LO-20°C to +180°C10% to 97%500 Liter to 2000 Liter
ITSPE-10 LO-10°C to +180°C10% to 97%500 Liter to 2000 Liter
ITSPEW-75 LO -75°C to +180°C 10% to 97%2000 Liter to 10000 Liter
ITSPEW-60 LO -60°C to +180°C 10% to 97%2000 Liter to 10000 Liter
ITSPEW-40 LO -40°C to +180°C 10% to 97%2000 Liter to 10000 Liter
ITSPEW–20 LO -20°C to +180°C 10% to 97%2000 Liter to 10000 Liter
ITSPEW-10 LO -10°C to +180°C 10% to 97%2000 Liter to 10000 Liter

Our Solar / Photovoltaic Environmental Chamber Samples

Solar / Photovoltaic Environmental Chamber

Solar / Photovoltaic Environmental Chamber

Isotech Technologies

Solar / Photovoltaic Environmental Chamber

Solar / Photovoltaic Environmental Chamber

Isotech Technologies

Solar / Photovoltaic Environmental Chamber

Solar / Photovoltaic Environmental Chamber

Isotech Technologies

Solar / Photovoltaic Environmental Chamber

Solar / Photovoltaic Environmental Chamber

Isotech Technologies

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    Frequently Asked Questions!

    Ans: A Solar Environmental Testing Chamber is a specialized piece of equipment used to simulate the harsh conditions that solar panels and components experience in real-world environments. These chambers can recreate a wide range of environmental factors, including temperature, humidity, UV radiation, and salt spray, to assess the durability and performance of solar products under various conditions.

    Ans: Solar products are designed to operate in a variety of outdoor environments, which can expose them to extreme weather conditions and other environmental stressors. Solar Environmental Testing Chambers allow manufacturers and testing laboratories to simulate these conditions in a controlled environment, enabling them to identify potential weaknesses or failures in their products before they are installed in the field.

    Ans: Solar Environmental Testing Chambers can be used to test a wide range of solar products, including:
    • Solar panels
    • Solar cells
    • Solar modules
    • Solar inverters
    • Solar trackers
    • Solar mounting systems

    Ans: Solar Environmental Testing Chambers can perform a variety of tests, including:
    • Temperature cycling
    • Humidity cycling
    • UV radiation exposure
    • Salt spray exposure
    • Rain testing
    • Wind testing
    • Sand and dust testing

    Ans: There are several benefits to using a Solar Environmental Testing Chamber, including:
    • Improved product quality and reliability
    • Reduced risk of product failures in the field
    • Lower warranty costs
    • Increased customer satisfaction
    • Enhanced brand reputation

    Ans: ISOTECH’s Solar Environmental Testing Chambers are designed to meet the highest standards of quality and performance. Our chambers are equipped with advanced features and technologies that provide accurate and reliable test results. Additionally, our chambers are backed by a team of experienced engineers and technicians who can provide expert support and service.

    Ans: ISOTECH’s engineers and technicians have extensive experience in the design, manufacturing, and testing of solar products. They are also certified to operate and maintain our Solar Environmental Testing Chambers.

    Ans: ISOTECH is committed to providing our customers with the highest level of service and support. We offer a variety of training and documentation resources to help our customers get the most out of our Solar Environmental Testing Chambers. We also offer a comprehensive warranty on our products.

    Ans: Please visit our website or contact us directly for more information about our Solar Environmental Testing Chambers. We would be happy to answer any questions you have and to provide you with a quote.

    Ans: Please contact us directly to discuss your purchase requirements. We will be happy to provide you with a quote and to assist you with the ordering process.