What can be done if the thermal shock test chamber’s equipment does not reach the desired temperature?

The quality of the thermal shock test chamber is linked to the manufacturer of the thermal shock test chamber. The temperature setting of the facilities will not be closed until the quality has been set. What can I do if I have a problem with the temperature setting?

The thermal shock test chamber’s temperature is insufficient to prevent the heat exchange humidification tube from breaking. You have the option of repairing the factory or purchasing a new thermal shock test chamber. If the temperature does not change during the high-temperature test. When checking the temperature value, the electrical system may be tested one by one to remove the faults, or the temperature probe may be broken, causing the device to not work when the water temperature is below the set standard temperature of 37 degrees.


The heating tube is ageing and damaged, or the temperature and humidity of the thermal shock test chamber are too high. The equipment hasn’t worked, or the job hasn’t worked, when the real water temperature is well below 37 degrees. The controller fails and the control instrument must be replaced if the temperature rises directly to cause over-temperature protection. You must first set the PID setting parameters if the temperature is too high.

If the temperature increases slowly, check the air circulation system to see if the regulating baffle of the air circulation system is turned on usually. If the temperature of the thermal shock test box increases rapidly, make sure the air circulation motor is working properly. Because there is a time limit for use, and the running time is too long, it is unavoidable that there would be certain types of different faults, which can usually be avoided by paying attention to regular maintenance and maintenance. If you have a major technical issue, you should seek help from the manufacturer as soon as possible.


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