Environmental / Climatic Chamber

ISOTECH Environmental Test Chambers designed very precisely controlled environment of,

  • Temp Range: -75°C to +180°C.
  • Humidity Range: 10% to 97% RH,

Required in

  • Defence research / production
  • Automobile research / mass activists
  • Medical & Biological research
  • Electrical & Electronics items research & production
  • EV Battery testing and PCB manufacturing
  • Agriculture research
  • Metrogical laboratories
  • Polymer testing (Plastic and Rubber testing) etc.

Designed ruggedly and fitted with advanced technology, instruments, our Environmental chambers are available from bench top cabinets to complex large capacity walk in rooms, customized sizes as per customer requirement, we design and manufacture environmental chambers or climatic test chambers matching with customer required specifications and supply them worldwide network.

  • Features & Benefits

  • Customized to meet specific test standards as per required from the client.
  • Available in cabinet type as well as walk in type as per required from the client.
  • Efficient testing of temperature and climatic conditions.
  • Precise temperature accuracy and reliability.
  • Easy programming, operation and UN disturbing lock mode.
  • PLC based HMI operation with Trend graph display and GSM Mode.
  • Low noise operation.
  • Robots type construction for a long working life.
  • Long life, trouble free, advanced type refrigeration compressors.
  • Non CFC type refrigerants in refrigeration systems.
  • Advanced design for Automatic pressure corrective system for refrigeration system.




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