Benchtop Environmental Chamber offers flexibility, uniformity, and control accuracy required for cost-effective environmental testing.

Ideal for testing smaller products such as:

  • Computer components
  • Automobile sensors
  • Cell phones
  • Many other small compounts.

Superior performance

Isotech Benchtop Environmental Chamber combines superior performance in a small, compact design well suited for research and development or personal point-of-use testing. With a wide breadth of configurations including various options for temperature testings or temperature and humidity testing.

Access ports are available to easily reach into the environmental chamber to adjust the product under test. Climate chambers come with one standard port. Additional ports can be added to the environmental chamber. Access Ports are constructed of silicon materials to the interior liner.

Reinforced floors are used in multiple chambers. Their purpose is to increase weight handling as well as assist in distributing product load weight.

Often times products are under test need to be placed on shelves or racks for optimized testing. Shelves and racks are custom made for each application.

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Optional feature of humidity to diversify the utility of the chambers

Isotech Benchtop Environmental Chambers have the optional feature of humidity to diversify the utility of the chambers. Precise uniformity and tight control characterize the high-performance specifications of the humidity system.

Humidity systems can be configured for a direct-feed facility hook-up or using a water reservoir. The system’s steam generator achieves high volumes of moisture with consistent water vapor levels and more repeatable test result.

Air Cooled Condensers for environmental chambers take the heat of out the equipment’s refrigeration system. On smaller and standard environmental equipment, the air-cooled condenser is located inside the environmental chamber.

A remote air-cooled condenser is available for equipment with higher performance requirements or larger compressors.

Water-cooled condensers may also be available, depending on environmental chamber testing parameters / applications.

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