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Deep Freezers


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    INGRESS PROTECTION TEST Standards as per IEC 60529 Edition 2.2 2013-08. Ingress Protection testing, or IP testing, determines a product's susceptibility to solid particle ingress (sand or dust) as well as water ingress. The value of trusting Element with your Ingress Protection (IP) testing is clear. The Ingress Protection standard we most commonly test to is BS EN/IEC 60529. The test facility will meet the degree of protection testing for the test samples /products. The test setup of turn table will withstand the test samples Weight of: 0.5 to 15 Ton. The hand held spray nozzle device provide...

  • Deep Freezers

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    Deep Freezer We have come up with our new charming products in the industry.Deep Freezer Product Decryption: Deep freezer is intended for performing different types of test. The role of environment testing is to examine and prove the suability, reliability , durability of products through the exposure. Deep freezer is developed for reliable storage condition of research sample and also for other purpose. Through research and development a new focus has been placed on our refrigeration system, in different fields and also for the commercial use. MAIN FEATURES TEST SPACE: 100liters to...