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Salt Spray Chamber

Salt spray corrosion test chamber, Humidity, Temperature, Heating, Cooling.

Chambers Overview

Introduction to Salt Spray Chamber

It is constructed in compliance with ASTM, DIN,ISO,DEF, MIL – STD.

The salt spray test chamber or salt fog test chamber is a standardised and popular corrosion test method, used to check corrosion resistance of materials and surface coatings. Fog Test Chamber is intended for performing different type of test of corrosion Conditions, where the temperature with steamed humidity on sample environment must be controlled within certain limits.

The role of environment testing into examine and prove the suitability, reliability, durability of products through the exposure to the environmental effects of temperature, humidity..e.t.c. Acceleration of the environmental effects that these products will experience in nature is required. Our policy of continual liaison with leading researchers ensures we maintain our premier position as suppliers of high quality Salt spray corrosion test chamber and associated facilities. Salt spray corrosion test chamber, were designed with Safety, Reliability, Ease of operating and ergonomically.

Main Features

  • Test space dimensions are 50 litres to 2000 litres. Following performance data can be realised as in combined Or single test.
  • Salt spray fog test temperature Range is RT +5° C to +50° C.
  • Condensed water test temperature range is RT +5° C to +45° C.
  • Drying & Ventilation temperature range is RT +5° C to +60° C.
  • Climate tests temperature range is +20° C to +60° C. Humidity Range 20 % RH to 95% RH. Humidity deviation 5% RH to 6% RH. Dew point is +12° C to +58°.
  • Temperature deviation +/-0.5° C.
  • Temperature Resolution 0.1° C.
  • Temperature Gradient +/- 1° C to 2° C.
  • Humidity Range 20 % RH to 95% RH.
  • Humidity deviation 2% RH to 3% RH.
  • Humidity Gradient +/- 3% .
Salt Spray Chamber
Salt Spray Chamber

Chambers Construction

The entire housing of Salt spray corrosion test chamber is made of non corrosive materials like marine grade fibreglass that stands up to the relentless attack of the corrosive test environment. Salt spray corrosion test chambers are floor standing units with lockable wheels to allow easy and secure repositioning. Height and reach distances provide easy access for loading and unloading coupon samples into removable slotted racks.

Salt spray corrosion test chamber uncomplicated design that optimises the open area to maximise the number oftest samples while providing ample room for testing large and bulky items. The gabled canopy consists of full clear view materials. The outer body which is removable is a fully insulated covering that ensure the chamber achieves maximum operating temperature if the chamber is located in a cool laboratory environment.


The Salt spray corrosion test chamber heated by a wrap around heater jacket which is bonded to the exterior surface of the internal workspace to protect it from damages from corrosive climate created inside the test chamber. The bubble tower ( Saturator tower)humidifies the compressed air on the way to the salt fog atomiser and is heated by an immersion heater. Both the cabinet and bubble tower are equipped with Over temperature protection safety thermostats.

The bubble tower ( Saturator tower) can be filled with de-ionized water in one of two ways, either automatically, if the chamber is connected to a pressurised water supply, or by hand, using the manual filler port which is standard in all models.

Salt Spray Chamber

A separate salt solutions reservoir, where the salt water to be atomised into a fog mixed and held is provided in all models. Salt fog fall out is controlled by an adjustable flow control meter located on the control panel. This coupled with the integrated air pressure regulator and gauge, is used to ensure that a uniform and continuous fall out of salt fog onto the samples under test.

ITSP – 60 CT & ITSP – 50 CT models in addition are equipped with extra features which is modified tests such as defined ASTM G85, Climate tests, SO2 test, Salt spray and condensation humidity, Salt spray and drying.

Instrumentation System

Programmable controller using large screen display. Instrumentation package features flexible. Other functions are included user friendly operation with TFT LCD touch screen as well as key input, graphical display of program patterns, testing history trend grapes. A no. of programs & profile segments with ramp & soak duration provided for cyclic operation.

The controller is able to communicate with many different types of hardware using high speed RS 232/485 communications ports, networking and USB communications for fast downloads. Power failure recovery operation system. T he instrumentation equipped with time totaliser, cyclic timer, and air purging system.

Microprocessor PID single set non programmable type controller for Chamber Temperature and Bubble tower temperature ( Saturator tower) available only in RE models.

Salt Spray Chamber

Safety Devices

Salt spray corrosion test chamber equipped with an emergency stop switch. High reliability and operator safety. Easy protection of chamber and specimen in case of failure. Chambers stop if the door is opening as operator safety. European style design signal tower.

Control circuit over current protection. Thermal fuse. Adjustable adequate safety cut – out against high temperatures. Chamber door open / close indication. Equipped with dual protection for over temperature and alarming device for low water level forsake operation. Every electrical functional circuit is equipped its own safety facility which shuts down the functional circuit affected or the entire test chamber in case of a malfunction.

Model Number

Cable Port holes are located on the left or on the right side of the test chamber and shall be used for inserting measurement and control cables, other supply connections or additional equipment with rubber plug.

Standard specification shelves and shelf are added as required.

Drain out let pipe with suitable fittings.

Electrical connection 230 V AC +/- 10%, 1phase/N/PE 50 Hz.

Model No.Temperature RangeTest space dimensions in liters
ITSP-60 RERT +5°C to +60°C150 liters to 2000 liters
ITSP–50 RERT +5°C to +50°C150 liters to 2000 liters
ITSP-60 LORT +5°C to +60°C150 liters to 2000 liters
ITSP-50 LORT +5°C to +50°C150 liters to 2000 liters
ITSP-60 CT+20°C to +60°C150 liters to 2000 liters
ITSP-50 CT+20°C to +60°C150 liters to 2000 liters

Note: LO = Logic programmable Models. RE = Non Programable Models. CT = special models

Our Salt Spray Chamber Samples

Salt Spray Chamber

Salt Spray Chamber

Isotech Technologies

Salt Spray Chamber

Salt Spray Chamber

Isotech Technologies

Salt Spray Chamber

Salt Spray Chamber

Isotech Technologies

Salt Spray Chamber

Salt Spray Chamber

Isotech Technologies

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    Frequently Asked Questions!

    Ans: A salt spray chamber, also known as a salt fog test chamber, is a testing equipment used to simulate and evaluate the corrosive effects of salt spray on materials and coatings. It works by creating a controlled salt-laden environment to accelerate corrosion processes.

    Ans: Salt spray test are crucial for industries such as automotive, aerospace, and marine, as they help assess the durability and corrosion resistance of materials and coatings, ensuring product quality and safety.

    Ans: ISOTECH’s salt spray testers can be used to test a wide range of products, including metal components, painted surfaces, coatings, and various materials susceptible to corrosion.

    Ans: ISOTECH offers a range of salt spray chambers with different features and capacities. Contact our experts to discuss your testing requirements, and we will help you select the most suitable model for your application.

    Ans: Yes, our salt spray chambers are designed to meet international standards such as ASTM, ISO, and DIN, ensuring that your tests are accurate and reliable.

    Ans: ISOTECH offers maintenance and calibration services to ensure the continued accuracy and reliability of your salt spray chamber. Contact us for details on our service options.

    Ans: Yes, safety is essential when working with salt spray chambers. ISOTECH provides guidelines and safety recommendations to ensure the well-being of users and proper equipment operation.

    Ans: Yes, we offer custom solutions to meet specific testing needs. Our team can work with you to design and manufacture a salt spray chamber tailored to your application.

    Ans: ISOTECH provides warranties on our products, and we offer technical support to assist with any questions, issues, or concerns you may have. Contact Us

    Ans: To request a quote or get more information about ISOTECH’s salt spray chambers, please visit our website or contact our sales team through the provided contact information. We’re here to assist you with your corrosion testing needs.
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