Environmental Test Chamber with Ultrasonic Humidifiers

Environmental Test Chamber Series with Ultrasonic Humidifiers

A new series of Isotech environmental test chambers, now available in 4 storage capacities from 24 to 80 cubic feet, feature ultrasonic humidifiers emitting much smaller particles of water than centrifugal humidifiers.

Instead of inside storage cabinets, the ultrasonic humidifiers are located above, thereby freeing space for additional test specimens. A separate latent coil performs dehumidification. A programmable logic microprocessor controller is controlled by both systems.

The ultrasonic require water delivered at 10 to 60 psi with low mineral content. An optional purification scheme for tap water is available as a way of preserving this water. It continuously recycles used water taken from the pluggable interior drain of the device linked to the temperature-humidity stability test chamber.


In the humidity regulated temperature range between 100 and 700C, the device delivers a humidity variation of ±3 per cent.

The programmable logic microprocessor also supports precise temperature regulation at ± 0.50C from 40 to 700C; product temperature and per cent relative humidity are continuously displayed.

Test Chambers with a Comprehensive Control System

Long-term monitoring of temperature and stability relies on consistent results in the test chamber. A thorough monitoring and alarming system is

In order to alert staff when conditions fall beyond specified limits, they are installed into these environmental test chambers. The features include the completely programmable logic microprocessor described above, and a single keypad for multi-function interfaces. All of these are handled by the 132 x 64 LED optical front-mounted monitor. The basic tests include:

Completely programmable functions of ramp soak The temperature of the product and air shown in Centigrade Alarm / Logging of Temperature

  • Indicator device mode for heating/cooling

  • High/low audible/visual alarms with contacts for remote alarms

  • A clock in real-time

  • Alarms for power and sensor malfunction

  • prompts for service and a

  • user password entry system

For the ability to add options at a later date, the modular device contains expansion slots on the control board.

For more information on the NSRI-WSW series of solid door humidity and temperature stability test chambers, or for information on our full range of scientific labs, refrigerators and freezers, contact the scientists at Isotech.


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