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Environmental simulation Products


    Posted in Environmental simulation Products on Jan 31, 2023

    ENVIRONMENTAL CHAMBER FOR TCCF-AWS SENSORS An Environmental Chamber for TCCF -AWS Sensor’s testing is a controlled environment capable of producing conditions that a product will encounter during its use. Environmental Chamber for TCCF -AWS Sensor’s testing chambers test the prolonged effects of a varied range of temperatures to examine the quality parameters of a product or part. It will use for calibration of Master sensor’s where the master sensors are using to measure the temperature simulations conditions in various conditions. A test chamber is a managed and controlled environmen...


    Posted in Environmental simulation Products on Jul 01, 2022

    WALK-IN HYBRID ENVIRONMENTAL CHAMBERS. ISOTECH TECHNOLOGY PVT LTD has made 1st time in India a significant advancement in the Environmental Simulation Product line field. We are the first firm in India to create under the Make in India platform and to successfully install HYBRID WLAK IN ENVIRONMENTAL CHAMBERS at our client location. Our R & D and Design team designed the project in such a way, that the clients can save 70% of Electric Raw power in a day time period also it will very, very low running cost/maintenance cost with a fully automated system. What are BOD Incubators and their signi...

  • Temperature Humidity Chamber

    Posted in Environmental simulation Products on Feb 06, 2022

    Temperature Humidity Chamber In the high temperature and ultralow temperature continuous environment, a temperature humidity chamber is a good choice for material structural tests or composites. Electronics, LED lights, auto parts, chemical industries, building materials, mobile computers, batteries, plastic, metal, rubber, and other materials are all suitable for use. Test different performance reliability indexes of relevant product spare parts and materials for institutes of higher learning, scientific research units, and other organisations under conditions of high and low temperature chan...

  • Humidity Chambers

    Posted in Environmental simulation Products on Jan 11, 2022

    Humidity Chambers What is a Humidity Chamber? A humidity chamber is a device that investigates how items react to changes in humidity. Manufacturers utilise this form of environmental testing to put their products through their paces under the most extreme environments. Humidity chambers are used to test the impact of various conditions on products in order to determine how long they will last and when they will fail. The acquired data assists engineers in altering their designs and selecting more resilient materials. Depending on the desired data and the type of product, different types of hu...

  • String & Central Inverter Burn-in Chambers

    Posted in Environmental simulation Products on Nov 29, 2021

    String & Central Inverter Burn-in Chambers What are inverter manufacturers doing to make their products more reliable? What are the most critical reliability metrics? These are some of the most common inquiries we receive. Inverter testing is a time-consuming procedure. Each component should be separately verified for quality prior to assembly. Certain components (capacitors, resistors, and integrated circuits) may be x-rayed in addition to a visual and physical inspection to ensure that no manufacturing faults are present. Quality, on the other hand, begins at the design table for a really tr...

  • Environmental Test Chambers: What You Should Know About Their Features and Benefits

    Posted in Environmental simulation Products on Apr 22, 2021

    Environment research chambers are typically constructed to meet the needs of a variety of industries. Isotech Technology, a manufacturer of environmental chambers, offers test chambers that are uniquely constructed without sacrificing features. The design and construction of the chamber, regardless of its size, must meet the specifications. With these Environmental Chambers, precise measurements in particular conditions should be possible. As the size of walk-in temperature chambers and drive-in temperature chambers grows, it becomes more important to ensure that the chamber functions properly...

  • How does an Environmental Chamber Work?

    Posted in Environmental simulation Products on Mar 28, 2021

    Introducing Environmental Chambers An Environmental Chamber is a sealed space where temperature and humidity can be controlled. By spraying salt into the room, some chambers may also simulate corrosion. The size of these chambers varies a lot depending on the type of product that needs to be checked.The containers vary in size from 20 to 400,000 litres, wide enough to test an entire vehicle! What is the function of a Climate Room? Environmental research chambers' main purpose is to simulate the action of goods we use every day in severe climatic conditions. For example, a car that performs wel...

  • 3 ways to use Climatic Chamber / Environmental Chamber

    Posted in Environmental simulation Products on Feb 18, 2021

    3 ways to use Climatic Chamber / Environmental Chamber Testing products in their actual environment provides significant feedback as to how they will work in real- Global conditions in all extreme weathers. An Climatic /Environmental chamber delivers this feedback by exposing the material inside to stresses such as vibration, sun exposure, extreme temperatures, extreme humidity / moisture, and many more. Will the product stand up to these conditions or will it disintegrate sooner than expected? The Climatic /Environmental test chamber can: ⦁ Help evaluate product quality and reliability, an...

  • Environmental Test Chamber with Ultrasonic Humidifiers

    Posted in Environmental simulation Products on Feb 11, 2021

    Environmental Test Chamber Series with Ultrasonic Humidifiers A new series of Isotech environmental test chambers, now available in 4 storage capacities from 24 to 80 cubic feet, feature ultrasonic humidifiers emitting much smaller particles of water than centrifugal humidifiers. Instead of inside storage cabinets, the ultrasonic humidifiers are located above, thereby freeing space for additional test specimens. A separate latent coil performs dehumidification. A programmable logic microprocessor controller is controlled by both systems. The ultrasonic require water delivered at 10 to 60 psi...


    Posted in Environmental simulation Products on Oct 04, 2020

    BENTOP ENVIRONMENTAL CHAMBER Benchtop Environmental Chamber offers flexibility, uniformity, and control accuracy required for cost-effective environmental testing. Ideal for testing smaller products such as: Computer components Automobile sensors Cell phones Many other small compounts. Superior performance Isotech Benchtop Environmental Chamber combines superior performance in a small, compact design well suited for research and development or personal point-of-use testing. With a wide breadth of configurations including various options for temperature testings or temperature and humidity...